I have a passion for woodturning and enjoy passing that passion on to others.

New Materials Demo

In this Demo I explore The use of novel  decorative materials - some of which were introduced into the woodturning community by me.

The Demo covers:

The application and uses of Stempel Farbe - a glittery acrylic of different colours, semi transluscent in nature.

The application and uses of Inka gold paste - an opaque paste available in many colours, giving the impression of brushed metal.

The application of Chameleon Paint.

Time permitting I will also do a "floating dye bowl" - showing an unusual way of applying alcohol dyes.

Texture & Colour Demo

The aim of this demo is to show the techniques of using different products and tools, to give people the confidence and knowledge to try things for themselves, and even give seasoned turners some new ideas.

depending on preferences and time constraints I will produce examples from the following list:

Texturing: Sorby Texture tool & Mini Tool, Axminster knurled texture tool, carving, arbourtech (safety & use)

Water based dyes - application

Alcohol based dyes - 3 methods - Linear, sanded and floating application techniques.

Acrylic artist paints - application techniques including centrifuge bowls.

Iridescent acrylics (Jo Sonja) - different application techniques.

Scorching, burning,

Gilt creams


Unconventional materials (sand, shells, nail polish etc, etc),   

other demonstrations are available by request


This takes place at my home in the heart of Kent. I have well equipped premises and am fully insured for teaching and demonstrating woodturning. I have 3 lathes in my workshops, including my main woodturning lathe which is a JET 3520B with full electronic speed control - a superb lathe to teach, and be taught on.

"I would like to thank you and congratulate you on an excellent demo last Saturday. I think you must have picked up  on the buzz of interest from the members, and I can only add that I personally got a lot of ideas from you."


"I thought I knew what woodturning was about; but you opened my eyes.

Thank you"

"I would like to say a big thank you for your woodturning demonstration, myself and staff were impressed with your work and enjoyed your interaction with customers."

David - Axminster store Manager

 member of The American Association of Woodturners, the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain, The Weald of Kent Art Society, the Professional Outreach Programme, I have also been accepted on The Register of Professional Turners