About Me

A Thing Of Beauty is a Joy Forever!

the woodturning of Jason Smith R.P.T.

About Me

  • I have always loved fishing and reading, I have been a pharmacist and a professional residential Landlord since 1998, and I started enjoying carpentry around the same time. Then in 2010 I discovered woodturning and my life changed forever.


  • In 2014 following a rigorous independent peer review process, I was accepted on to the Register of Professional Turners and am now permitted to use the letters RPT after my name


A New Zealand Love Affair - Bowl 3
A New Zealand Love Affair - Bowl 4

As a well known turner says - "I do what I Like and I Like what I do!"


what does this mean in practice?


Well it means if I do something because I want to do it, because I'm passionate about it - then I will do it to the very best of my ability! For example my "artistic pieces" will always be as close to perfection as I am able to get them, time and cost are not the issues. I am doing the work first and foremost for me; selling them is an afterthought to the main event.

It also means if you ask me to do 200 newell posts the answer will be no - my heart will not be in it, and life is too short!



You only get out what you put in!


I am utterly passionate about turning! it is my life, in many ways it defines who I am.


Hard work, dedication, passion and a commitment to life-long learning.


There is no other way


Materials -


my aim is to give the wood a life beyond the lifetime of the tree; to create pieces to be loved and passed down from one generation to another.


With this in mind, I will use both exotic and temperate indigenous hardwoods. I always try to use indigenous woods but where I can see a piece will be found wanting if it lacks an exotic wood trim (e.g. feet, knobs, etc) I will make no apology for its use -


I will grind whatever grist the mill requires to bring my art as close to perfection as I am able to!


I use only the very finest quality artists materials, all acrylic paints are guaranteed colour stable for a minimum of one hundred years. Where gilding techniques are employed, only the best quality genuine gold and silver is used, and the techniques are the time honoured traditional ways that guarantee the product will look as good in a hundred years as it did the day it left my workshop!



Work Ethos & Materials