Sculpted Red Ash Bowl

A Thing Of Beauty is a Joy Forever!

the woodturning of Jason Smith R.P.T.

Sculpted Red Ash Bowl

Approximate Dimensions Diameter 27cm


Materials; Kentish Ash wood, Dyes, Gilt Cream


Finish: Acrylic


Display stand included in the price


I really adore the grain of ash; I believe it to be one of our most underrated indigenous woods. I find the layers of grain fascinating – especially as they move around a curve.

For this bowl I have picked a visually strong colour, worked the wood to pick out the soft grain, and filled this grain with gilt cream to highlight it, after an intense and labourious process of sanding the whole form by hand. Every facet of this form had to be perfect - any scratches or imperfections would be glaringly highlighted by the method I have used to highlight the grain.


Postage and Transport Insurance included in price.

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£180 UK Only.

£230 Rest of the World.


postal area
detail photo of the sun platter