Medium Dyed Limed Ash Bowl

A Thing Of Beauty is a Joy Forever!

the woodturning of Jason Smith R.P.T.

Medium Dyed Limed Ash Bowl

Approximate Dimensions H 5cm x D 25cm


Materials; Kentish Ash, Spirit Dye, Liming Wax.


Liming of wood (mainly Oak) is a well known and age old, treatment of wood, however few people in modern times seem to be aware of the beauty of limed Ash.

With this piece of work I have taken a traditional, time-honoured method and given it a modern quirk by introducing a dye to the wood first. The liming wax, which bleaches the wood, also bleaches the dyes, and a subtle, muted effect is achieved by controlling the exposure of the wood to the wax.

After the excess liming wax is removed I have used an oil and carnuba wax finish on the wood, to highlight the natural beauty of the wood, and to provide a permanent food-safe seal to the bowls

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Detail View of the  Dyed Limed Bowl