Dyed Figured Ash Bowl

A Thing Of Beauty is a Joy Forever!

the woodturning of Jason Smith R.P.T.

Dyed Figured Ash Bowl

Approximate Dimensions H 5cm x W23.5cm


Materials; Kentish Ash, Spirit Dye


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£85 (UK only)

£155 (rest of the world)

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I find this piece both warm at first glance and then fascinating when examining the detail, and there is a distinct nod towards modern broad rimmed raku bowls, which have an influence on me.


This is a wonderful example of how dyes can be used to show up the grain of wood. The dark feathering to the left of the working portion is what attracts your eye first, then you notice the way the wood has absorbed the dye in different ways and to different depths, producing rich variations of tone and colour. Then finally your eye is drawn to the grain lines - how the dye has affected the open pores of the ash, each line of grain being affected differently and showing different character.


This is a good example of how one never knows what you will find inside a piece of wood! I turned this bowl while demonstrating at the South East Woodworking Show, my original idea was to demonstrate the techniques of paint application to wood-turned items; however shortly in to the demo, after I had removed some of the wood, I could see this fantastic grain in the wood! After an explanation to my audience, the demonstration quickly changed to show how spirit dyes can be applied to figured wood – it would have been criminal to cover this figure with paint!


Detail View of handmade figured Ash wood Bowl