A Thing Of Beauty is a Joy Forever!

the woodturning of Jason Smith R.P.T.

Aftercare of your turned items

Your Turned items will require very little in the way of aftercare. However common sense does need to be applied; wood is organic and as such it will move as it absorbs and loses moisture.


Siting your woodturning


Please do not keep your woodturnings on a window-sill, in front of a fire, above a radiator, or a fish tank, or anywhere else it is likely to be exposed to excessive heat or moisture.


aftercare specific to your turned item

Pens and functional items (treenware) - most functional items including fountain pens, rollerballs etc will have been finished in a very hard wearing finish, but after considerable use they may lose some of their shine. In order to bring back the high gloss look of the wood simply apply a sparse coating of Renaissance Wax (or any other microcrystalline wax) and buff the item to a high shine.

items such as salad bowls which have a matt oiled finish will benefit from an occasional (once a month if in daily use) wipe over with a cloth that has had a dash of oil applied to it - suitable oils might be walnut oil, sesame oil or boiled linseed oil. Chopping boards in daily use will benefit from treatment once a month for the first year, and six-monthly thereafter, with a proprietary chopping board or kitchen worktop oil. These are available from most large DIY outlets or Axminster Tools.


under no circumstances should woodturned items be put in a dishwasher! - beauty comes at a price!


Gallery Pieces - most of my gallery pieces are not designed to be "functional" items, these pieces may be finished in a variety of ways, some of which will stand up to prolonged handling, but some of which will be adversely affected by extensive handling - oils and acids from your skin can sometimes effect the finish, in general; items which are obviously very delicate and not intended for use will have a more delicate finish. Please ask me about specific pieces.


To generalise - the best way to care for these gallery pieces is simply to dust them with a dry lint-free cloth or "tickle-stick". Under no circumstances should proprietary household cleaners or furniture polishes be used as these often contain solvents which will damage the finish of your item. Once every several years you may feel your turning deserves a little TLC, you are more than welcome to bring your item back to me for a re-wax and polishing - for free (gallery pieces only). it is a pleasure - like seeing an old friend again!