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A Thing Of Beauty is a Joy Forever!

the woodturning of Jason Smith R.P.T.

Safety - this is something I am passionate about; I believe that on the whole most turners are far too relaxed about the dangers of woodturning when in fact, if managed properly those dangers can be vastly reduced and managed. My workshop risk assessment is a free resource which I encourage any turner to download. It can be used as a template for your own risk assessment and may be useful in helping you think about safety in your own workshop.



The Stark Gallery in Canterbury - Kent where a selection of my work may be viewed and purchased.


Stiles and Bates - is an online and physical shop near Dover, I find it particularly good for the quality of the turning blanks available. It is run by Dave Bates, who's technical knowledge of wood (which wood to use for which jobs and why (e.g. tensile strength etc)) is second to none. They also stock an excellent range of pen blanks!


The Tool Post is a store which I find particularly useful for high quality but uncommon items, such as the Versachuck, Powercap IP Lite (a safety visor that no turner should be without in my opinion) and Saburr Carbide cutters.


I have tried most of the major manufacturers of tool steel in my time, and now will buy only from Ashley Iles. They are in my opinion by far and away the best turning and carving tool manufacturer! Their tools stay noticeably sharper, and require sharpening less frequently than any other manufacturer I have used.


Woodturner's Resource - woodturning Forum






Woodturning Online offers wood turning projects, woodturning plans, articles, and information on wood turning, bowl turning, pen turning, the wood lathe, segmented turning, lathe tools, and more for the woodturner