A Thing Of Beauty is a Joy Forever!

the woodturning of Jason Smith R.P.T.


This takes place at my home in the heart of Kent. I have well equipped premises and am fully insured for teaching and demonstrating woodturning. I have 3 lathes in my workshops, including my main woodturning lathe which is a JET 3520B with full electronic speed control - a superb lathe to teach, and be taught on.

Texturing, Colouring & Finishing Effects


This learning time is most suited to those with a grasp of turning basics, who want to progress on to augmenting their turned work. I urge anyone to produce a reasonable form, first and foremost, before they start augmenting their work, a poor shape will always be given away the second anyone picks up your work.

Having said that - should you wish to learn more about finishing effects. I am happy to teach people on a range of subjects including (but not limited to):



piercing and grinding,



acrylics, iridescent paints, application techniques,

scorching, burning,


gilt creams,


coloured waxes,

unconventional materials (sand, shells, nail polish etc, etc),

epoxy, metal powders,

special decorative paint techniques - marble, sandstone, leather, granite, etc.


clearly these sessions are very much tailored to an individual's requirement - please email me with your needs and to discuss your specific requirements..


Happy Turning!

Pen Turning Course


This is about so much more than turning a pen!...

We first spend some time discussing woodturning safety in the workshop; this is absolutely vital, and something which is often not given sufficient thought by turners. It is not boring if dealt with properly and is essential to ensuring your safety - even when pen turning! We then go on to discuss the use of tools and sharpening of tools. I will show you how to sharpen your tools properly (and if you wish to bring your own tools along for sharpening I will be pleased to do this).

We will then go on to discuss the stages in preparing wood for turning a pen, and I will show you tips and tricks for speeding up the various stages and I include free plans to make your own pen drilling vice, finally you will turn your own pen from your choice of available woods, and finish it - usually in a high gloss acrylic or melamine, both of which provide an atractive durable finish. I will give you a presentation case to take your pen away in, which makes it a stunning present!

This course lasts around three hours, and all parts and consumables are included in the price of £60.

I am happy to tailor this pen turning course to your individual requirements.


Everyone comes away with their finished pen, and detailed course notes covering everything taught.