Rollerball pens

A Thing Of Beauty is a Joy Forever!

the woodturning of Jason Smith R.P.T.

About my Handmade Rollerball Pens


All pens have refills which are commercially available from most high street stationers or online.


My handmade wood pens make a unique Christmas gift or birthday present. All pens come in an attractive velvet box, ready for presentation to that special person!
























Your handmade pen can be made from any of the following:

An Indigenous hardwood like Oak, Ash, Laburnam, etc, I am even happy to make pens from branches of your favourite garden shrub!

An Exotic hardwood like Mahogany

A stabilised Hardwood - such as the stunning Tiger Oak (Junior Gentleman Pen in Gold - above)

A Range of Acrylics such as the Galaxy Swirl Pen in the Sedona style (in Chrome in the Photo above)


Got another idea? - click to ask me ! I may be able to oblige!





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Rollerball pens - such as the "Junior Gentleman" or more delicate "Sedona". From the moment you pick these pens up you know that you have a quality product in your hands. Beautifully weighted and an absolute joy to write with. In a quality gold or chrome finish. £20 each.